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Employ Yourself

Surviving on state support, whether you're ill, a carer or simply struggling to find a job, has become a non option for many. While it should necessarily be an easy option, accessibility has become a nightmare.

So here are a few tips to getting ahead or back on track.

  1. Build an Ebay Shop
  2. Build an Etsy Shop
  3. Use Social selling - Facebay etc
  4. Preloved
  5. Build a blog (or several) and become a Marketing affiliate

Every one of us has interest that we know something about. Whether its comic books, gaming, cars, animals, craft, gardening or anything else and any interest can be turned into an income source with multiple avenues of revenue. This is called your niche. Your area of expertise, so go and have a look here to find out more about developing your niche.

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